Guide to Usage

Understand and get the most out of our database, including links to guides from the data suppliers.

Schema Conventions

Data is accessed through views. Views can be handled with SQL just like tables. To easily identify the views that contains the data that you require the following naming convenion has been used...

<data-group> a mandatory value that idenifies the data group your want to search and must be one of the following;

<data-set> a mandatory value that identifies the CSV or XML file that you wish to query, as described in the supplier's documentation.

<sub-data-set> an optional value that identifies an additional level of sub-set in the 'dmd' data group.

The names of the views coupled with an understanding of the data groups should aid in identifying the view for your data requirements.


To query the data in the egpcur file of the ODS data, the view name is 'ods-egpcur'.

NOTE: >Historic data is returned. That is to say, where a change to an item has occurred the old item is retained. The items are timestamped so the latest version of the data can be identified.