Data access is FREE, additional services are FREE for 3 months from registration

Access to data will remain free indefinitely. However the benefits described below will be free for only the first 3 months from your registration after which you should subscribe to access the latest data and the following benefits.

  • Weekly data updates.
  • Available 24/7.
  • Email support response within 10 hours.
  • Custom queries on request.
  • Bug fixes within 24 hours.
  • Cancel anytime.

Price options.

Option Cost
Per Request (I.e. each single HTTP GET for data) £0.02
Per Collection See below

Price options for collections.

Scope Cost Per Month Cost Per Year
One Data Set (E.g. an ODS CSV file data or a dm+d XML file data) £10 £100
Organisational Data Service Data Group (All CSV Files data) £75 £750
Dictionary of Medicines and Devices Data Group (All XML Files data) £25 £250
International Classification of Diseases Data Group (All XML Files data) £50 £500
OPCS-4 Classification (All XML Files data) £25 £250
SNOMED CT (All Files data) £50 £500
Data Model and Dictionary (All data) £50 £500

After 3 months from registration data access will continue but you will only be able to access data valid at the time that your registration expired; your data feed will not remain up to date.

You will receive an email to inform you that your registration has expired and continue to receive emails on every 10th data request.