Data access is FREE for 3 months from registration

Access to data will is free in the first 3 months from registration, as are the benefits below.

After the free registration period a subscription must be purchased.

  • Weekly data updates.
  • Available 24/7.
  • Email support response within 10 hours.
  • Custom queries on request.
  • Bug fixes within 24 hours.
  • Cancel anytime.

Price options.

Option Cost
Per Request (I.e. each single HTTP GET for data) £0.02
Per Collection See below

Price options for collections.

Scope Cost Per Month Cost Per Year
One Data Set (E.g. an ODS CSV file data or a dm+d XML file data) £10 £100
Organisational Data Service Data (All CSV Files data) £65 £650
Dictionary of Medicines and Devices Data (All XML Files data) £25 £250
International Classification of Diseases Data (All XML Files data) £50 £500
OPCS-4 Classification (All XML Files data) £25 £250
SNOMED CT (All Files data) £50 £500
Data Model and Dictionary (All data) £50 £500
All Data £100 £1000

After 3 months from registration data access will continue but you will only be able to access data valid up to the time of registration; your data feed will not remain up to date.